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This is a department headed by Sr. Margaret Cheptoo. The Health Department is tasked with the mandate of coordinating Health Services in the Diocese under the Health Management team.

Vision: To witness Christ’s compassion in the healing ministry through provision of quality health care to all.

Mission: To be a source of hope in the provision of quality health care services to all in order to ensure a health y and dignified community.

Motto: Service with dedication and Love.

Core values:

    • Love and compassion
    • Truth and Justice
    • Unity and team work
    • Honest and integrity
    • Trust and confidential
    • Concern and commitment

Sr. Margaret Cheptoo

Health Department In Charge

The CDE health facilities underlying mission is to help the poor, the weak and the disadvantaged members of the society by providing quality available and affordable health services. The Diocese through the health coordinators office coordinates all the health services within the diocese. The Church felt that she needs experts to assist in improving the provision of Quality health services in her facilities and to upgrade some facilities from where they are to the next level. We saw that the formulation of the Diocesan Health Board would be of great help.

The following are the Diocesan Board Members:

  • Rev. Bishop Dominic Kimengich...                        Chair
  • Professor Simeon Mining...                                    Member
  • Joseph Abuya, MTRH...                                           Member
  • Judy Loteng, MTRH...                                              Member
  • Elly Cherwon, Germany...                                         Member
  • Sr. Mary Brendan Kimani, Rome...                          Member
  • Denis Okaka, Nairobi...                                             Member
  • Fr. William Kosgei, Vicar General...                         Member
  • Fr. Silvanus Wasonga, Caritas...                              Member
  • Sr. Margaret Cheptoo, Health Coordinator...         Secretary


  1. Define goals/philosophies and policies for development and functioning of the health facilities in the Diocese.
  2. Promote and safeguard Catholic Medical Ethics within the Diocesan health institutions.
  3. Promotes and implements the decisions of the Bishop and the KCCB on matters of health. Improve diocesan health facilities and ensure efficient and quality health delivery to the recipients.
  4. Constantly monitor the running of all the Diocesan health facilities. Develop strategic orientation for the development and upgrading of the diocesan health units in terms of material and human resources.
  5. Review budget of various health facilities and recommend way forward as appropriate.
  6. Draw and design contracts with senior management officers of health facilities (the administrator, matron, Doctors etc.)
  7. Prepares contracts between the Bishop and the congregations running health facilities within the diocese.
  8. Vet all health-related development proposals before they are presented to the development board for approval.
  9. Advice the Bishop in steps to take on facilities which are constantly performing poorly.
  10. Focus on special health problems afflicting the community from time-to-time e.g., HIV/AIDS, TB, etc.
  11. Ensure staffs employed in the diocesan health Facilities are qualified for the Job according to the requirements of the government.
  12. Encourage facility health committee to guide their health facilities towards self-sustainability.
  13. To advice the Bishop on how to link with other stake holders e.g., the national government, the county government and NGOs in matters related to health

Hospitals/ Health Facilities

There are 27 health facilities spread across the three counties of Nandi, Uasin Gishu and Elgeyo Marakwet. These facilities, led by Administrators, are classified as: -

  • Level 4 facilities – There are 5 Hospitals under this category
  • Level 3 facilities – There are 9 Health Centres under this category
  • Level 2 facilities – There are 13 Dispensaries under this category

The 5 Hospitals (Level 4):

  1. Trinity Mission Hospital - Leseru
  2. Kobujoi Mission Hospital
  3. St. Brigittas Hospital - Yamumbu
  4. Chesongoch Hospital
  5. Mother Francisca Hospital - Kapsabet

The 9 Health Centres (Level 3):

  1. Endo Health Centre
  2. Arror Health Centre
  3. Kapkoi Health Centre
  4. Mary Immaculate Health Centre - Kaptagat
  5. St. Mary's Health Centre - Kapsoya,
  6. Moi's Bridge Health Centre
  7. Kaiboi Health Centre
  8. Chepterit Health Centre
  9. St. Boniface Health Centre - Tindinyo

The 13 Dispensaries (Level 2):

  1. St. Michael's Dispensary - Embobut
  2. Assumption Sisters Dispensary - Sing'ore
  3. Immaculate Dispensary - Nerkwo
  4. Our Lady of Lourdes Dispensary - Turbo
  5. St. Kevina Dispensary - Sugoi
  6. St. Jude Dispensary - Huruma
  7. St. Ladislause Dispensary - Langas
  8. Ollesos Dispensary
  9. Immaculate Conception - Kapnyeberai
  10. Tach Asis Dispensary
  11. Patrician Brothers Dispensary - Kabongo
  12. Burnt Forest Dispensary
  13. Holy Family Dispensary - Kimumu