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The mission of the Finance Office is to provide good stewardship of the temporal goods of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret under the authority of the Bishop.

The Finance Office is the financial hub of the Diocese. All Diocese funds are managed here. All financial transactions are done from the Finance Office.

Diocesan Finance Council

The Diocesan Financial Council which is chaired by the Bishop is the highest organ that guides the Finance department.

The Finance Council is a structure of the Diocesan Curia that is provided for by the Code of Canon Law (C. 492§1). The code details the expectations of the Finance Council, defining those areas where the intervention of the council is mandatory and where a conscientious Council would look upon it as a duty to provide guidance.

The spirit of the code as far as financial matters of the diocese are concerned, can be summarized in two words: collegiality and professionalism. Collegiality encourages the use of different people with different experiences and expertise in order to arrive at the best decisions. Professionalism implies that the composition of the Council and the quality of deliberations and the decisions of the Council should demonstrate the highest standards possible. It implies also that best practice is adopted in the way the Finance Council goes about its affairs.

The Finance Council has no administrative role in the management of the temporal goods of the Church. In specific cases the Bishop may assign an administrative function to the Finance Council but this will always be in writing and will be limited to the specific case for which that role is conferred.

The duties and obligations of the Finance Council may be divided into four general categories:

  • Approval of Diocesan Acts in the management of temporal goods;
  • Proposing new policies and legislation for the better management of temporal goods;
  • Overseeing the Diocesan Acts related to management of temporal goods;
  • Extraordinary acts of the Finance Council.

Diocesan Financial Council Members

  • Rt. Rev. Dominic Kimengich, Bishop
  • Rev. Fr. Geoffrey Mwanda, Finance Director 
  • Rev. Fr. Paul Chesire, Procurator 

There are also other important committees within the Finance Department which play critical roles. These committees include: -

  • Diocesan Finance Committee 
  • Diocesan Development Committee 
  • Diocesan Investment Committee 

Office of Finance

Rev. Fr. Geoffrey Mwanda

Finance Director