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Office of the Vicar for Religious

“Consecrated life is born and reborn of an encounter with Jesus as he is: poor, chaste and obedient. We journey along a double track: on the one hand, God’s loving initiative, from which everything starts and to which we must always return; on the other, our own response, which is truly loving when it has no “ifs” or “buts”, when it imitates Jesus in his poverty, chastity and obedience.” Pope Francis, February 2nd, 2018

The Office of Vicar for Religious serves as the Bishop’s representative to the religious communities serving in the Diocese of Eldoret. Religious Orders (Institutes of Consecrated Life ), Communities (Societies of Apostolic Life ), Secular Institutes, and Consecrated Virgins build up the spiritual life and ministry of the diocese through their presence, prayer, and service to the Diocese of Eldoret. The Vicar for Religious is available to meet with individual religious and their superiors. The Vicar for Religious assists our religious in many areas be they housing, ministerial, or communal. They serve on committees established by the Bishop and facilitate meetings of the major superiors with the Bishop.

Other responsibilities for the Vicar for Religious include: -

  • To communicate with religious brother and sisters serving the Diocese, 
  • To offer support/encouragement religious brother and sisters serving the Diocese, 
  • To respond to the expressed needs of religious brother and sisters serving the Diocese, and 
  • To provide resources for religious brother and sisters serving the Diocese.

The Vicar for Religious also reviews contracts, assuring that the Religious receives their proper salary and benefits in accordance with Diocesan policy and responds to the expressed needs of Religious.

Rev. Fr. Francis Moriasi

Vicar for Religious


The Religious Congregations listed below represent the diversity of religious faiths found within our region. Lines connecting the congregations symbolize their relationships within our community.

The religious groups within the Diocese include: -

Religious Congregations – Priests

  • St. Patrick’s Missionary Society (SPS)
  • Order of Discalced Carmelites (OCD)
  • Divine Word Missionaries (SVD)
  • Order of St. Augustine (Augustinians)
  • Society of Divine Saviour (Salvatorians)
  • Franciscan Missionaries of Hope F.M.H (Lyke Community)
  • Benedictine Fathers of Nairobi Contemplative Evangelizers

Religious Congregations – Sisters

Religious Congregations – Brothers

  • Patrician Brothers – Bro. Placido 
  • Christian brothers – Bro Dan