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The Catholic Diocese of Eldoret, being part of the universal Church, has made efforts to utilize the available means of social communication to achieve her mission of proclaiming the gospel. It uses both the print and electronic media to inform the faithful, invite dialogue and promote unity.

Vision: A fully established Diocesan Social Communications Department capable of coordinating print and electronic media that is competitive, informative, entertaining and educative; and that is adequately utilized as a tool for evangelization in the entire Diocese and promotes social cohesion.


Mission: To promote evangelization by the use of all tools of Mass Communication and emerging technologies.



  • To promote evangelization through the mass media
  • To facilitate communication within the Diocese
  • To promote inter-diocesan communication
  • To promote dialogue with other faiths
  • To train church leaders in the Diocese on effective and efficient communication

Communication department has two sections;

  1. Print media and
  2. Electronic media


Secretariat for Communications

Staff provide assistance and support to the 76 Parishes, Diocesan Secretariat and other Church organizations in spreading the message of our Lord Jesus and His Church through a wide range of communications tools and through the mass media.

We are also aware of our inactive or alienated sisters and brothers, as well as those of other faiths. Our efforts to comfort, teach and lead are not limited to Catholics alone. The Diocesan newsletter "The Way" and Upendo FM (the Diocesan Radio) are among the media together with publications and information services which are used to reach out to everyone.

The Secretariat for Communication serves the Bishop, individual Parishes, Diocesan Departments and the Community at large.

When requested and scheduling permits, Communication staff are always ready to grace events in the life of Parishes and provide livestreaming, videographic, photographic and editorial services.

Communication staff are gladly willing to assist Diocesan and Parish officials prepare for media interviews.

Kindly contact the - 

Communications Director or and/

Communications Coordinator,

Upendo FM

Studio Manager - 0722 848 367

Communications Director

Communications Director
Rev. Fr. Dr. Fredrick Njoroge

To proclaim the teachings of Christ and to share His example with others is the mission and goal of the Secretariat for Communications. This office serves as the official media liaison for the Bishop and Catholics in the Diocese of Eldoret as well as the community at large.