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  • Print media is where information is disseminated through printed materials. A classic example is the Diocesan newsletter "The Way"  which is published quarterly.
  • Here, there are different services offered on daily basis to clients tailored to their different needs.



  • Typing
  • Typesetting
  • Printing
  • Designing
  • Editing
  • Branding
  • Consultation
  • Advertisement


We do a lot of production of different materials to different clients beginning from the parishes to individuals from outside the diocese.

Some of them are:

  • Cards: Zaka, Catechumenates, Baptismal, Birthday, Wedding, Identification, Harambee, Business, Condolence, Thank you, etc
  • Certificates: Merit, Success, Participation, Marriage/Anniversary etc
  • Booklets: Financial (Invoice, Receipts, Cash sale etc), Sadaka, Songs, Notebooks, etc
  • Journals: Newsletters, Magazines
  • Documents: Letterheads, forms,
  • Fliers
  • Stickers
  • Nametags/budgets
  • Any other design by a client


Since the inception of the Communications office, the Communications Commission was formed, hence the Editorial committee was formed to see the smooth running of activities; and later Procurement & Equipment committees.


  1. Communications Commission
  • The Catholic Diocese of Eldoret has since entrusted the Communications Commission in the Diocese with the role of leading and coordinating all communications activities.
  • It comprises of 11 members appointed by the Bishop


  1. Editorial
  • Editorial committee oversees the publication of The Diocesan Newsletter
  • It comprises 6 members who also work closely with members of the Commission.
  • The Diocesan Newsletter enables sharing of the Word of God through reflective articles; ideas and information from members; and through comments and criticism.
  • The two Committees have had successful meetings at different times to oversee the development of the department at large
  • Have held seminars (both Diocesan and National) on how to expand and strengthen network within the diocese and across other dioceses for easier reach and reporting


  1. Procurement and Equipment
  • It is in charge of overseeing the equipping of the office
  • It has a membership of 7 individuals


  1. Welfare Committee
  • It’s concerned with members’ welfare equipping
  • It comprises  7 members