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We are grateful for all who are preparing for priesthood and religious life, particularly for our seminarians preparing for priesthood in the Diocese of Eldoret. Each of us is invited to pray for these young men and financially support them in their formation. 

A seminarian’s journey takes quite some time and is very demanding. Preparation to priesthood focuses on four areas of training and formation:- Intellectual Formation ,Spiritual Formation, Pastoral Formation and Human Formation.

Seminarians are trained and formed in various major seminaries categorized as follows: -

  • One year Spiritual formation and introduction to priestly life .
  • Three years of Philosophical studies and formation.
  • Four years Theological studies and formation.

In addition to the academic and spiritual demands, formation to priesthood demands significant financial considerations. The average annual costs to form a seminarian is approximately $1,000 per year.

Seminarians Expenses

We thank God for the gift of Vocations in our Diocese. Currently, the Diocese has 72 seminarians studying in different seminaries.

Without the financial, prayers and support of parishioners, well wishers and donors, the Diocese  would find it impossible to support formation of seminarians to priesthood.

The main items for seminarians' expenditure are as follows: -

  • School fees
  • Medical bills
  • Clerical shirts
  • Cassocks
  • Books e.g Code of Canon law
  • Breviaries, week day and Sunday Missal
  • Research papers
  • Shopping allowances
  • Transport allowances
  • Driving lessons
  • Fuel for the Director
  • Meetings
  • Retreat and Recollections
  • Office expenses e.g. water, electricity, telephone and stamps
  • Car maintenance
  • Stationery (Office equipment)